Cakewalk Announces BigTone EDM Expansion Pack for Z3TA+ 2

New Sounds Transform Cakewalk’s Award-winning Z3TA+ 2 into an EDM Powerhouse
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— Exciting and innovative new sounds transform Cakewalk’s award-winning Z3TA+ 2 into an EDM powerhouse —

Cakewalk, dedicated to powerful and thoughtfully designed software for modern musicians, announces the new BigTone Expansion Pack for Z3TA+2 ($49.99).

Ideal for both expert and fledgling producers, the BigTone EDM expansion pack for Z3TA+ 2 provides a powerful set of building blocks to add a professional, modern touch to electronic productions. 127 handcrafted presets by sound design expert Nico Herz showcase the unmistakable flexibility of Z3TA+ 2’s synth engine: Mystical pads, complex arpeggiations, ferocious bass, searing leads, and much more can enhance all types of EDM productions, while essentially turning Z3TA+ 2 into a whole new instrument.

One of the most surprising aspects is actually the element of surprise—BigTone EDM reveals a whole other side of the award-winning Z3TA+ 2. As Nico states, “I’ve tried to let Z3TA+ 2 sound not like you'd expect it to, by creating sounds with such variety, you wouldn't think Z3TA+ 2 is the source of this pack. So although the set is kind of a basic cross-section of some electronic-based music styles, from techno to ambient, to 80s, etc., I wanted the sounds to bring a fresh, unique flavor to EDM.”

Presets are optimized for the EDM “sweet spot” tempo of 125bpm, but also work in other contexts. Even the titles are important, as they contain information on how best to bring the sounds to life. Ultimately, though, the BigTone EDM pack is all about creativity. Nico is clear about his goal: “These presets are designed to trigger creativity, so there are no ‘rules’ on how to incorporate them into a production. And, they’re versatile enough that different people will use them in different ways—including ways I could never imagine.”

According to Cakewalk Product Manager Lance Riley, “We were delighted to work again with Nico on the BigTone EDM pack. His wealth of sound design knowledge, gained through years of experience with major artists and multiple projects, becomes obvious when you hear the presets he’s created.”

About Z3TA+ 2
Z3TA+ 2 is highly revered as an industry-leading synthesizer with unique character and tonality. Its unmistakable signature sound has been used in countless electronic, trance, and dance productions around the globe. The key to Z3TA+’s success has been its formidable sound synthesis generation engine, featuring unique per-oscillator waveshaping capability, vast filters, multi-stage envelope generators, morphing and advanced modulation matrix with powerful effects routing.

The BigTone EDM pack ($49.99) is available for immediate download from the Cakewalk Store as well as the Valve’s Steam Store. Please visit for additional information and sound examples.

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