Cakewalk Project5

Add auxiliary bus effects
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By Craig Anderton
Objective: Save CPU power by feeding tracks through aux effects instead of insert effects

Background: Project5 lets you insert effects on individual tracks. But to have several tracks go through the same effect (e.g., reverb), it's more efficient to create an Aux bus effect, then send some signal from each track into this bus.

Step by Step: Alternate between steps 6 and 7 to achieve the correct effect balance. The Aux Return affects the level of all signals going through the bus, whereas the Send affects only its associated track.

1. Click on the Mains button to display the Main and Aux Bus Syn.Ops controls.

2. The Mains' Syn.Ops appears. Click on an Aux bus (A1-A4) to select it. A4 is selected here.

3. To choose the desired Aux bus effect, click on the small triangle next to Audio FX, and navigate to the desired effect (in this case, the Lexicon Pantheon reverb).

4. In the Track view, click on the track whose signal you want to send to the Aux bus.

5. In the track's Mix section, enable the desired Aux send by clicking on the small dot to the lower left of the selected bus's Aux send level control (in this case, Aux 4).

6. Click on the Aux 4 send control, and drag to set the desired amount of send signal.

7. Turn up the Aux return control to adjust the Aux bus master mix.

• In Step 2, double-click in the field to the right of the bus label (e.g., A4) to enter the effect's name.
• As you send more signals to the bus, distortion may occur. This usually can't be fixed by pulling back on the Aux Return; reduce each Aux Send.