Cakewalk Sonar 6

OBJECTIVE:Change ACT’s default mapping of plug-in parameters to hardware control surface knobs and sliders.BACKGROUND:Sonar’s ACT feature makes it easy to control plug-in parameters with hardware controllers, but the default mappings may not always be what you want. Fortunately, it’s easy to change these to something that works for you. We’ll assume you already have a control surface set up as an ACT MIDI controller.


1. Go Tools > ACT MIDI Controller to call up the ACT MIDI Controller plug-in.

2. Double-click on the effect you want to modify so that its interface appears.

3. Click on the plug-in you want to modify to give it the focus, then click on the effect’s ACT button in the upper right corner (it turns blue and flashes). The ACT plug-in will show which controls are assigned to which parameters as defaults.

4. Move each effect knob in the order you want to map it to your controller. For example, if you want to assign these to eight slider controls, first move the effect knob you want to assign to slider 1, then the effect knob you want to assign to slider 2, etc.

5. After moving all the knobs you want to assign, move each hardware controller (e.g., rotary control or slider) in the same order you want parameters matched to the controllers (e.g., move slider 1 first, slider 2 second, etc.).

6. Click on the ACT button again to disable it.

7. A dialog box appears that tells you how many parameters you moved and how many controllers you moved. If this is correct, click on Yes.

8. The ACT MIDI Controller plug-in displays the assignments you made. This example shows them assigned to eight rotary controls.


In step 3, you could also click on the ACT button on the ACT MIDI controller plug-in.