Cakewalk Sonar 6(2)

OBJECTIVE:Filter incoming MIDI data to create splits based on pitch or velocity, as well as determine which splits should receive controller, pitchbend, and aftertouch data; and if so, how much.BACKGROUND:Sonar accommodates MIDI plug-ins, and the MIDI Event Filter plug-in allows filtering out various elements of the MIDI stream. We’ll use this plug-in to set up keyboard splits for either Sonar’s internal soft synths, or external MIDI keyboards if the MIDI track’s output is being sent to an external MIDI port.


1. Insert the synths you want to use for your splits. In this example, Pentagon I has been inserted, and Rapture is about to be inserted.

2. In the synth’s MIDI track, right-click on the FX bin, and go MIDI Plugins > Cakewalk FX > MIDI Event Filter to insert the MIDI Filter. The effect’s GUI will open automatically.

3. To enable the Notes filter, click on the Notes button in the Event Filter associated with the first split you want to create.

4. Adjust the upper and lower note limits by click-dragging on the handles for the Key parameter.

5. If you want to split based on velocity as well, edit the upper and lower velocity limits by click-dragging the Vel handles.

6. To prevent the wheel from affecting a split, click on the Wheel box and set both handles to 0.

7. Repeat steps 2–6 for the next split.

8. Play your keyboard, and the incoming MIDI data will be split as you just specified.


In step 6, you can also limit the amount of aftertouch, key pressure, and/or controllers by checking the appropriate boxes and limiting the range as desired.

Also in step 6, if you double-click in the Amount field, it defaults to zero. In fact, all parameters in the filters default to their halfway points if you double-click on their respective fields.