Camel Audio Offers New Sounds for Absynth

New from Camel Audio is Biolabs Absynth Research Sounds, containing nearly 400 presets for Absynth and including a 300MB sample library. The sounds have been programmed by Biomechanoid, a sound designer and one of the principle authors of the Absynth factory sounds.

Biolabs Absynth Research is the only commercial sound bank to take full advantage of Absynth 3's advanced features according to Camel Audio, including sample playback, granular synthesis and surround sound. Every preset has at least four specially selected controllers, to give you fast access to the most important parameters. These can be used to mix, morph and mutate the sounds providing an enormous range of sounds.

The library includes three volumes of 128 sounds, which can also be purchased separately. Bio Synthesis is a collection of innovative bread and butter basses, leads, pads and synths. Bio Rhythmics offers a range of loops which you can mix in realtime using the specially programmed controllers. Bio SFX and Atmospheres, unsurprisingly, is a collection of special effects and atmospheres, suited for film and TV soundtrack work.

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