Camel Audio Releases Alchemy

Camel Audio has released Alchemy, along with two accompanying soundbanks.
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Camel Audio has released Alchemy ($249), along with two accompanying soundbanks ($59 each).

Alchemy is a sample manipulation synthesizer featuring additive, spectral, and granular synthesis, as well as resynthesis, sampling, and a virtual analog engine with unison and PWM. It allows you to morph or crossfade between sources, and import your own samples from SFZ, WAV, or AIFF files. In addition, it comes with a range of analog modeled filters and a flexible rack of effects, including effects from CamelPhat and CamelSpace. Alchemy also offers an arpeggiator with the ability to import the groove from any MIDI file for immediate synchronization to a beat. The sample synth comes with more than 2 GB of samples and content from Camel Audio's designers, along with over 300 presets from other top sound designers.

Also available are two Alchemy add-on soundbanks: Atmospheric Alchemy and Electronic Alchemy. Atmospheric Alchemy is a collection of more than 150 presets, including pads, musical soundscapes, strings, vocals, and sound effects. Electronic Alchemy includes over 150 sounds covering arps, basses, soaring leads, synths, and loops. Each preset has fully programmed perform assignments and 8 remix pad variations for a total of over 1,200 sounds per soundbank.

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