Los Angeles, CA, March 2018 – Capitol Studios, the iconic and state-of-the-art recording facility in the historic Capitol Tower in Hollywood, California expands its reach with the launch of its new Online Mixing, Mastering and Vinyl-Cutting services. The services officially go live on April 2, 2018, and any pre-orders between now and April 1 will get an additional 10% discount off the total order.


“Capitol Studios has an established history of Grammy Award-winning, world-class audio services,” noted Paula Salvatore, VP/Studio Manager, Capitol Studios. “Our cutting-edge facilities and unparalleled team of engineers are now made available to artists and producers all around the world with these online mixing, mastering and vinyl-cutting services. We welcome you to come experience the best of the best.”

Clients’ projects will benefit from the entirety of Capitol Studios’ world-class mixing and mastering facilities, including one-of-a-kind echo chambers. Projects are guaranteed to have a turnaround of five days or less for mastering services, and 30 business days or less for mixing services, no matter where you are in the world.

For mixing services, projects can be uploaded in WAV format to Capitol Studios’ website. Clients will be able to preview the result and request a revision, and downloads will be provided as master stems.


For mastering services, projects can also be uploaded in WAV format, and the client will select the desired mastering formats and choose from the list of five world-class mastering engineers (Ron McMaster, Robert Vosgien, Evren Göknar, Ian Sefchick, and Kevin Bartley). Clients will be able to preview the result and request a revision, and the master will be provided in WAV format or vinyl pressing/CD. Additional formats can be selected as add-ons at economical price points.

Vinyl mastering is a specific craft; the characteristics of the format require special attention to decisions that precede the cutting process, including mix, EQ, compression and timing – considerations these engineers know well.


Visit www.capitolstudios.com to get in on the exclusive pre-order discount. Jobs will be completed in the order they are received. Deadline guidelines will kick in starting April 2.

About Capitol Studios

For over 60 years, Capitol Studios has been a destination where some of the world’s top musicians come to collaborate and record important projects. Housed in the historic Capitol Tower in Hollywood, Studio A and B have hosted legends ranging from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Nat King Cole to Bob Dylan, the Beach Boys and contemporary greats such as Green Day and John Mayer. Capitol Studios specializes in live recording sessions, webcasts, string dates, mixing to film shoots and videos, as well as mastering to vinyl.

Capitol Studios is a subsidiary of Capitol Music Group, a division of Universal Music Group, which is a fully owned subsidiary of Vivendi.