SONORUS New from Sonorus is the MedI/O ($599), a multimedia sound card designed to provide all the connections that you need to work with your DAW. You

SONORUSNew from Sonorus is the MedI/O ($599), a multimedia sound card designed to provide all the connections that you need to work with your DAW. You get a grand total of 12 simultaneous I/O channels-8 ADAT digital, 2 S/PDIF digital, and 2 analog-and the MedI/O can sync with a StudI/O card to add even more channels.

The card has a 24-bit optical port that you can switch between ADAT Optical and S/PDIF (cable included), and a massive breakout cable attaches the rest of the connectors. These include stereo XLR mic inputs equipped with phantom power; two sets of stereo 11/44-inch balanced line inputs; a 11/44-inch guitar input; a CD-ROM audio input; stereo S/PDIF I/O on RCA jacks; stereo 11/44-inch balanced line outputs; and a 11/44-inch headphone output. The breakout cable also has word-clock I/O and two MIDI In, two MIDI Thru, and six MIDI Out ports.

Onboard compression, limiting, and gating are available for the MedI/O's vocal and guitar inputs. The guitar circuit also offers speaker-cabinet simulation. The card has a 64-voice DirectX synth/sampler engine and provides an interface for connecting a WaveBlaster-compatible daughterboard.

The card comes with drivers for Windows 95, 98, and NT; WDM; DirectX; and ASIO. EASI drivers and drivers for Mac OS, BeOS, and Linux are in the works. Thinkware (distributor); tel. (800) 369-6191 or (415) 777-9876; fax (415) 777-2972; e-mail; Web

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EMAGICEmagic's Audiowerk2 Production Kit ($299) includes the Mac- and PC-compatible Audiowerk2 PCI audio card and a CD-ROM that includes several customized Emagic applications. The Audiowerk2 uses the same 18-bit A/D/A converters as the company's Audiowerk8 card. Two channels of unbalanced analog input and output and S/PDIF digital I/O are supplied on RCA connectors. You can also use the analog and digital outputs independently, giving you a total of four output channels. Sound Manager, MME, and ASIO drivers are included.

Software bundled with the Production Kit includes Emagic's cross-platform ZAP data-compression software and the company's MicroLogic AW2 (Mac) and Logic Audio Composer (Win) digital audio sequencers.

You also get Emagic's WaveBurner AW2 (Mac), a program for mastering and burning CDs. WaveBurner AW2 enables you to master Red Book-compatible audio CDs. The program can read mono, split-stereo, or interleaved-stereo files in AIFF or SDII formats. Resolutions of 16 and 24 bits are supported, as are 32, 44.1, and 48 kHz sample rates. You can also convert 32 and 48 kHz signals to 44.1 kHz in real time. WaveBurner lets you perform nondestructive edits with automatic and custom crossfades.

The program also supports all PQ editing functions, so you can insert track and index numbers, ISRC identification code numbers, SCMS copy-protection code, and more. Emagic USA; tel. (530) 477-1051; fax (530) 477-1052; e-mail; Web

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VOYETRA TURTLE BEACHThe Montego II Home Studio (Win; $299) from Voyetra Turtle Beach is a package that includes Voyetra's Digital Orchestrator Pro and other software and the Turtle Beach Montego II sound card. Two wavetable synths ship with the system. One uses a Roland GS-compatible chip set that provides 64 sounds. The second has 64 hardware-synth-based sounds and 256 software-synth-based sounds that load into 4 MB of PC system RAM. In addition, you get a DLS sampler.

The card features 18-bit A/D and D/A converters and samples at up to 48 kHz. Montego II has an unbalanced 11/48-inch mic input; analog, stereo line inputs on a 11/48-inch TRS connector; and analog stereo output on two 11/48-inch TRS jacks. Stereo S/PDIF digital I/O is provided on Toslink optical and coaxial RCA connectors. The card's joystick port connects to a supplied MIDI interface.

The system requires at least a Pentium 75 MHz running Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0. Turtle Beach rates the Montego II's frequency response at 20 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-1 dB), total harmonic distortion at 0.005% (A weighted), and signal-to-noise ratio at >97 dB. Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.; tel. (800) 233-9377 or (914) 966-0600; fax (914) 966-1102; e-mail; Web

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