Celemony's Melodyne essential part of Pro Tools Ignition bundle

Digidesign, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of music production hardware and software, will be bundling "Melodyne essential" free of charge with the Pro Tools software from September 2005. Pro Tools users will benefit from Melodyne’s unique functions for pitch correction, vocal production and melody editing.

Melodyne essential is a cut-down version of Melodyne uno. It works like a sample editor and offers many of Melodyne’s unique audio editing functions. The functions for editing intonation and timing manually are all available in this free version, and Melodyne’s legendary sound quality is similarly uncompromised. The ultra practical Correct Pitch and Quantize Time macros, as well as the expert tools for detailed editing of formants and vibrato are only available in demo mode. Melodyne essential supports all commonly used audio formats and integrates with Pro Tools via the ReWire interface.

"In the past, Melodyne was a secret known only to the initiated," says Celemony's Managing Director, Anselm Rößler. "This collaboration with Digidesign, however, proves that our unique technology is now established as the standard for the correction of intonation and timing errors."

Melodyne uno essential is included free with every Pro Tools Ignition bundle for Windows and Mac OS X and will be distributed worldwide by Digidesign.

For more information about the Ignition bundle and Digidesign, visit www.digidesign.com. For more information about Celemony and Melodyne, visit www.celemony.com.