Celldweller To Launch Groundbreaking Remix Contest

Celldweller, the independent electronic-rock outlet of artist Klayton, continues to redefine success on its own terms, as it prepares the Celldweller Remix Competition v2.0 - Take It & Break It, launching September 15th, 2006. Following the release of the now 3 year old debut album and unprecedented success in the Film, Television and Video Game worlds, Klayton is revisiting his remix roots, but on a much grander scale. This interactive remix competition has already garnered the interest of several major sponsors, including: Logic Pro, Keyboard Magazine, EQ Magazine, Hollywood Music TV, Indiecore.Com and Guitar Center. The competition aims to carve a niche for cutting edge remix production with the release of 4 separate songs over the course of just as many rounds, offering interactivity on the fan, amateur musician and professional levels.

One of the most exciting aspects of the contest however, is its unique set of prizes, arranged to empower independent artists. From top to bottom, the prize packages offer essential tools for artists to go from music creation, through the production process to final playback and ultimately the release and distribution of their independent music. Klayton states, “Not only am I looking forward to giving people this opportunity to remix my art, but I’m also excited to give them the opportunity to use some of the same tools that have allowed me to achieve success on my own terms.”

Prizes for contest winners consist of software packages from Apple’s Logic Pro, Native Instruments and Cakewalk’s Dimension Pro and Rapture, Gear Cards from Guitar Center, music accessories, digital distribution and web hosting via CD Baby, clothing and accessories from FIXT Clothing and custom engraved Video iPod's with the entire Celldweller Audio & Video catalog pre-loaded. Winning mixes will also appear on an upcoming Celldweller Remix CD from FIXT (FixtMusic.Com), Klayton’s new music/clothing label.

Although Grand Prize, 2nd & 3rd place contest winners will be dependent on fan voting, there will also be 2 additional chances to be recognized. Klayton as well as Keyboard Magazine will each be handpicking an additional winner. From there, winners and top picks will also have the opportunity for their remixes to be placed into Film, Television and Video Games, just as nearly every released Celldweller track to date has accomplished.

To get involved visit the Remix Competition's official site: Remix.Celldweller.Com. On September 15th, Round 1 launches with the song "Own Little World" from the Debut Celldweller album available on Celldweller.Com and Itunes.