Channelstrip AU Universal Binary Released

Metric Halo announced that the Universal Binary version of ChannelStrip AU is now shipping. Version 2.2 of ChannelStrip AU is supported for operation with systems running Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later, and Audio Unit compliant host applications. Version 2.2 is available at all Metric Halo authorized dealers, and upgrades are available from the Metric Halo website at

Metric Halo provides the world with high-resolution metering, analysis, recording and processing solutions with award-winning software and hardware. As a proven industry leader, Metric Halo has developed a product line so powerful and versatile, its applications range from live sound reinforcement, CD/DVD mixing and mastering, film and broadcast production to airline safety investigation, medical research, and designing the next generation Ferrari and BMW automobiles. Metric Halo products have been used on a diverse range of projects, including music creation and playback for the 2004 Summer Olympics, a high resolution recording of the Space Shuttle Discovery liftoff at Kennedy Space Center, as well as continuing efforts involving homeland security, military and forensic intelligence gathering, and teaching the next generation of audio engineers at prestigious schools the world over.