CharterOak Acoustics Begins Shipping Custom Made Pop Filters

CharterOak Acoustic Devices, manufacturers of hi-quality, hand assembled audio equipment, announce a partnership with The Hook Studios of Los Angeles, CA, to manufacture its PF-1 high performance pop filter.

The CharterOak PF-1 Pop Filter outperforms other pop filters in three key areas. The SaatiTech Hyphobe Acoustex™ fiber used in the construction of the PF-1 is extremely effective in repelling moisture, thus keeping damaging moisture away from the microphone capsule. Secondly, the B010 Acoustex™ used in the PF-1 will stop plosives without compromising the frequency response of the microphone. Standard Nylon pop filters are incapable of this level of performance. Lastly, the CharterOak PF-1 is designed to eliminate the need for bulky mic-clip/gooseneck apparatuses as well as secondary mic-stands, as the PF-1 comes attached to a Velcro™ strap which will fit most side-address large diaphragm microphones and makes the PF-1 unobtrusive and easy to install.

Like all CharterOak products, the new PF-1 Pop Filters are hand made from high quality components for CharterOak, and are designed for use with the SA538, SA538B and E700 models. Users can buy the new PF-1 Pop Filters directly from CharterOak for a special introductory price. They will also be made available to new customers through the CharterOak dealer network after the AES Vienna show where they will be on display for the first time.

To pre-order the CharterOak PF-1 Pop Filter or to learn more visit

About CharterOak Acoustic Devices
Founded in 2002, CharterOak Acoustic Devices designs and manufactures exceptionally high quality audio devices for the recording and broadcast industries. The company’s mission is to provide distinctive sound and extreme durability, and to create microphones uniquely suited for today’s recording environments. All CharterOak products are guaranteed for life. Current customers include industry leading professionals such as John Fischbach (Stevie Wonder, Carole King, War) Don Miller (Ben Folds, John Mayer, Natalie Merchant), Emmy winning film composer Brian Keane, and broadcast icon SIRIUS Satellite Radio.