CharterOak Partners with MB QUART to Manufacture Stereo Headphones

CharterOak Acoustic Devices, manufacturers of hi-quality, audio equipment announces a partnership with MB QUART of Germany to manufacture headphones for CharterOak. The CharterOak Studio Phone I (SP-1) is an acoustically closed headphone for studio use and music production.

MBQUART is a leading brand known worldwide for designing and manufacturing technically advanced and innovative audio products. Decades of experience in research and development, a broad range of manufacturing capacities, and invaluable professional know-how about acoustics, manufacturing techniques, and the use of materials are the foundation of MB QUART. The beautiful and precise sound quality that MB QUART has become known for can also be attributed to the low tolerances of each individual component, meticulous attention to detail, hours of intense auditioning, as well as accurate German workmanship.

CharterOak is excited to bring these German engineered headphones to the US market as the company broadens their product offerings beyond recording microphones. The CharterOak SP-1 Headphones unique features include:

* Five-dimensional "CARDAMATIC" ear cup suspension ensuring a comfortable, individual fit regardless of head size and prevent body noise effects from infiltrating the ear cups.
* Comfortable, "Gentle to the skin" hygienic ear pads provide excellent insulation from outside noise without affecting wearer comfort over long periods of time.
* High-quality drivers featuring ultra-light sandwich diaphragms and copper-plated aluminum voice coils.
* Good rejection of outside noise, extended frequency response and perfect detail make the SP-1 appropriate for overdubbing and mixing.

The CharterOak SP-1 will be shown for the first time at the NY AES Convention in October and will be made available for sale via CharterOak dealers.