ChordWeaver 1.0 for iPad

Modern Harmony for Everyone
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Jeannot Welter today released ChordWeaver 1.0, an innovative music composition tool, for iPad. ChordWeaver 1.0 is an iTunes app that makes composing with five-part tonal harmony easy by letting a user see and hear multiple chord resolutions instantly. It is ideally suited for the composition of film scores, symphonic music, jazz chord changes, pop songs, and electronic/synthesizer works.

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“It is fascinating,” one composer said. “I found it fun just sitting and trying different chord resolutions. This thing would be addictive for most musicians, especially jazz musicians. I easily got some very hip changes going that could be used for the construction of a tune. ” Another composer stated, “This is a brilliant app. I’d love to create some chord changes with it and then write melodies over them. It’s a new secret weapon!”

According to creator, Jeannot Welter, “These chord options are the result of decades of study of the scores of the masters in various genres of music.” A series of tutorials now available on demonstrates the ease of use in the composition process.

ChordWeaver 1.0 Features
Instant multiple resolutions to any chord selected.
Color coding by type of chord.
Audible feedback.
Transposition on demand.
Tempo control.
The ability to export a final product as a MIDI file.

Pricing and Availability
ChordWeaver 1.0 is currently available in the iTunes store for $49.99. ChordWeaver 1.0 is designed for iPad, and requires OS 6.0 or newer. It will be available in the future for android devices as well.

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