Cinela Launches Pianissimo Microphone Windshield

Designed to be Light, Robust, and Adaptable
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Iconic French audio company Cinela is launching its new Pianissimo microphone windshield at three concurrent exhibitions in November: Satis in Paris, Interbee in Japan and Tonmeistertagung in Germany.

The Pianissimo is mainly designed for the new generation of short shotgun microphones and coincident stereo, surround sound combinations, and all types of microphones shorter than 21cm (8.25”) Easily transported, the Pianissimo is very light, robust and adaptable, with all the recognised qualities of the existing range of Cinela windshields including its successful predecessor, the Piano. It is 32cm (12.6”) long and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Cinela designs and manufactures innovative and high performance microphone windshields & suspensions. Cinela pioneered the ‘floating basket’ design concept in 2007 (patent 2005, AES paper Munich 2009) with the Zephyx range, still widely used today.

As with all Cinela windshields since 2007, Pianissimo integrates this full cage isolation principle against vibration and handling noise. This Cinela invention is simply achieved by four flexible ‘U’ isolators installed all around the cage, like the four wheels of a car. The bottom bellows insures flexibility and prevents air flow from the outside. Efficiency is around 15dB vibration attenuation.

The ovoid shape cage offers 16cm width in the front that gives excellent wind protection without fur, with perfect acoustic transparency. For higher winds, compromising with sound quality and weight, there are two optional furs available, long and short pile.
Pianissimo is the world champion lightweight at 330 grams! (just over 11.5 ounces) including 3D primary fabric and XLR extension, offering perfect balance for boom work. Access is fast, with easy suspension exchange or translation. Microphone compatibility is high, including DPA4017, Sennheiser 8060, Sanken CS1, Sennheiser MKH40/50, Schoeps CMC, CCM, MS, XY, DMS and many more, with a variety of suspension modules available.
Other versions or upgrade kits are available for 2 or 3 channel configurations MS, XY, or DMS. The optional "Kelly" rain cover provides hard protection against noise and water with perfect sound transparency. The internal configuration includes a light and efficient swivel with a secret second axis for stereo or surround applications. An ergonomic polycarbonate hard transportation shell is included. Just slide it in a bag.
You can see the new Cinela Pianissimo at Satis 2014 in Paris Nov 18-20 on the Areitec stand E07; at Interbee 2014 in Tokyo Nov 19-21 on the Tech Trust booth 1 201; and at Tonmeistertagung 2014 in Cologne Nov 20-23 on the Ambient booth 2-07.

Cinela is renowned for its innovative microphone windshields & suspensions that are designed specifically for the professional film & video industries. The OSIX & MINIX range of microphone suspensions, as well as the ZEPHYX, ALBERT, PIANO & PIANISSIMO windshields, are used widely for dramas and documentaries.

Cinela incorporate technical solutions which allow an optimal compromise between handling noise and firmness of the microphone in the hardests booming situations, including an exclusive feature for large cavity windshields that ensures effective vibration decoupling of the main cage itself (floating basket principle).

Current windshields & suspensions ranges follow on from the initial success of the OSIX microphone suspension in 2006.

Cinela was created in 2006 by Philippe Chenevez, an electronics graduate, acoustics engineer, and production sound mixer/cinema sound recordist, along with production sound mixers Eric Devulder and Pierre Tucat, and audio rental company DC Audiovisuel.

The name ‘Cinela’ comes from Cinema, Electronics and Acoustics.