Circlesquare, Songs About Dancing and Drugs (!K7)

What''s that, you say? You want to hear some Songs About Dancing and Drugs? Well, so does Remix! Thankfully, Circlesquare has delivered.

The title sums it up, sort of
Jeremy Shaw''s latest with Circlesquare is caught between his singer/songwriter inclinations and deep-techno inspirations. The strangely alluring songs are submerged in nostalgic melancholy with Shaw''s sung, spoken, whispered and chanted lyrics fitting in among slapping kicks, pristine guitars and sounds of fractured machines. Arrangements wander between subdued and triumphant in geometries as confounding as his band''s name. Shaw talks of “bathtub chemistry” on “Timely,” and on the epic conclusion, “All Live But the Ending,” he asks, “Are the drugs all gone?” [4.5 out of 5 stars]