Classic Ribbon Mics, Part 2

Read a Timeline of Classic Ribbon Microphones for Professional Audio Production Part 2
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Small and sturdy, this English ribbon transducer was designed for stage and P.A. use.

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Electro-Voice Model V-2

A simple but rugged design that could be purchased in one of five standard impedance levels.

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ca. 1942

RCA Varacoustic Microphone MI-6203-D

This mic offered three main polar patterns (“pressure,” “unidirectional,” and “velocity”) that were selected with a continuously variable slider.

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Steanes Ellipsoid

Touted as the world's smallest ribbon mic, this Australian-made unidirectional transducer was designed to be inexpensive and to keep feedback to a minimum.

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Shure Model 330

This familiar mic, designed for radio and TV use, had a supercardioid pattern and a 3-position impedance switch.

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Bang & Olufsen BeoMic BM4

Outfitted with switchable impedance, this Danish mic's industrial design inspired the look of the modern transducers by Royer Labs.