ClassicalBoomBox for GarageBand Released

Following up to SonicBoomBox, UltimateSoundBank now releases ClassicalBoomBox, a virtual orchestral instrument with Appleloops exclusively for Apple GarageBand.

This library includes a range of articulations to allow for realistic orchestral sounds, including staccato, marcato, spicato, sustain with and without vibrato, pizzicato and runs. With several Gigabytes of sounds, it covers strings (violin, viola, cello, contrbass), brass and woodwinds, mallets, percussion, and also a sensational collection of choir ensembles: men, women and children choirs with both vowels and consonants. All classical keyboards are onboard as well: grand piano, pipe organs and even the harpsichord. It even includes some orchestral phrases in the bonus section.


  • Over 182 orchestral instruments exclusively for GarageBand
  • Bonus: Harp, Orchestra, Percussions & Strings AppleLoops
  • DVD containing additional contents for GarageBand, Soundtrack and FinalCut Pro
  • Printed and electronic documentation


  • 4GB of available hard disk space
  • DVD Drive for installation
  • Instruments require Garageband software running on GarageBand-compatible Macintosh.
  • AppleLoops require Garageband, Soundtrack, Logic 7.0, Final Cut or other Apple loops-compatible software.

For more information, visit their web site at