Computer Hardware/Software


CELEMONY MELODYNE 3.2: Version 3.2 of this pitch-shifting/time-stretching software adds Polyphonic Formant Tuning (in the Studio version) for pitch-shifting polyphonic tracks by large intervals without introducing undesireable artifacts. Other improvements include new combination vertical and horizontal scroll/zoom sliders, the ability to open arrangements with missing audio files and more. NAMM Booth #6900.

IZOTOPE RX: This essential application for cleaning and repairing audio removes hiss/buzz, eliminates clicks/crackles and repairs clipping and even gaps in audio. New technology provides noise reduction with less artifacts and a more natural sound than traditional techniques. RX's stand-alone environment includes an advanced spectrogram display, selective processing tools and innovative workflow features. RX is an ideal solution for audio restoration professionals, as well as broadcasters, musicians, engineers, sound designers, forensics and any application that demands spotless audio. NAMM Booth #6700.

LYNX LT-FW FIREWIRE CARD: The LT-FW LSlot FireWire interface lets Lynx Aurora 8 and Aurora 16 AD/DA converters interface with/be controlled by a Mac or PC. The unit enables 32 channels of analog and digital input and output at sample rates up to 96 kHz, or 16 channels of analog and digital I/O at 192 kHz. The LT-FW supports ASIO and WDM for Windows and Core Audio for Mac OS X. Full WDM implementation offers multiple channel support of 5.1/7.1/10.1 surround formats. The included Aurora Remote Control Application allows up to 18 inputs to be monitored for the first four analog output channels. Two FireWire connectors allow daisy-chaining of LT-FW equipped Aurora converters. NAMM Booth #6527.

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M-AUDIO FAST TRACK ULTRA: M-Audio is now shipping its Fast Track Ultra high-speed 8x8 audio and MIDI interface. Designed for mobile and desktop production, the unit features USB 2.0 connectivity, MX Core DSP mixer and four preamps with award-winning Octane technology. USB 2.0 delivers the bandwidth for 24-bit/96kHz audio resolution and is Mac/PC compatible. The MX Core mixer uses eight DSP cores to deliver near-zero latency, effects, up to a 16x8 configuration and sophisticated channel routing matrixing—accessible via an intuitive control panel. Audio connections include six channels of analog outputs and inputs (including four mic preamps and two instrument inputs), inserts on the first two inputs for connecting outboard gear, headphone out and 2-channel digital S/PDIF I/O. Retail: $499.95. NAMM Booth #301.

MXL MICMATE: MXL Microphones has released MicMate (Mac/Win, $79.95), a plug-and-play USB device for Windows and Macintosh computers. According to the manufacturer, this Cuban-cigar-shaped USB microphone interface "smokes the competition." Plug your mic into the phantom-powered XLR connector, select an attenuation level, and you're ready to go. MXL specifications claim transparent (no coloration) performance with a 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response for the analog input. The digital output employs a 16-bit Delta Sigma A/D converter with 44.1 and 48 kHz sampling rates. NAMM Booth #5994.

TC ELECTRONIC POWERCORE X8: With eight Motorola DSP chips and a floating-point PowerPC processor, the PowerCore X8 ($1,745) has twice as much power as TC's original PowerCore and four times as much as its PowerCore Compact. Compatible with VST, Audio Units and RTAS formats, the 14 included plug-ins can run with multiple instances while creating nearly zero hit to your computer's processing power. Packed into a single rackspace, the X8 connects via FireWire and operates using the new PowerCore 3.0 system software, which features an improved look and feel, as well as new enhancements such as meter zoom, easy parallel compression and the new TC SideChainer plug-in with hi- and low-cut filters. NAMM Booth #6840.