Converse Introduces New Features to Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library

Available to the Global Music Community for Free
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Available to the Global Music Community for Free,

New Features lnclude iPhone App and Ableton Live Sampler 

CONVERSE Inc. announces the launch of the Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library’s new features during Amsterdam Dance Event. The Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library launched in February 2015 in partnership with Indaba Music, providing access to over 11,000 completely free-to-use samples. Since its launch, the library has grown to over 28,000 samples from some of the most respected musicians in the world. In addition to regularly released new content, the product continues to expand with new features built by sample library partner Indaba Music. The new features include a web-integrated Ableton Live Sampler plugin as well as a sample library iPhone application. These new features will be released to the public at the Amsterdam Dance Event during a Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library Panel about the art of sampling. To support and illustrate the project, Converse and Indaba Music have partnered with artists, Machinedrum and Midland to participate in a series of programs around the event to showcase the reach and benefits of this key moment - including the premiere of brand new songs created featuring samples from the sample library.

“The response to the Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library has been incredible,” said Jed Lewis, Converse Global Music Marketing Director. “We’re excited about the continued growth of the free online library and are thrilled to offer these new features as a resource for artists around the world to unleash their creative spirit.”

Whether at home, on the go, or in the studio, the Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library helps musicians be more productive with their time so they can make the most of their creative energy. The new product ecosystem enables seamless syncing of samples across devices and makes the process of finding, organizing, and using samples easier.

AT HOME: The web experience enables browsing of over 28,000 samples. Now, each sample can be added to a user’s “Favorites” and organized across sample packs into 8-sample “Kits”.

ON-THE-GO: The iPhoneApp enables musicians to be productive on the go. Users can browse through samples, filter by instrument type, or preview recommended samples. Swiping left skips a sample, swiping right adds it to a users’ “Favorites” and syncs it with the website and Ableton Live plugin.

IN THE STUDIO: The Converse Rubber Tracks Sampler plugin is a web-integrated sampler which enables Ableton Live users to sync samples from the Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library with Live. A user’s Favorites and Kits are immediately available for use within Ableton Live and the sampler features a number of expected and innovative effects. As samples are modified in the CRT Sampler, they are sent back to the sample library to keep a user’s samples in sync across devices. Newly modified samples are also added to the library for others to use as new modified samples, creating an ever-growing spring of samples. The CRT Sampler is the first network-connected native plugin that integrates in this way with a content website.

“Our new cross-device sample ecosystem makes the process of finding and organizing samples easier for producers and helps ease the frustration of always needing to download, store, and organize huge amounts of content,“ said Indaba Music co-Founder Dan Zaccagnino. “With the CRT Sampler, musicians can sync samples recorded at Rubber Tracks into Ableton Live, modify them, and share them back to the library as new samples for others to explore.”

To access and find out more information about the Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library and to hear songs created using the samples, please visit

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