Twisted Reality

Contact: Big Fish Audio,
4 CD-ROMs, 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV files

It’s not just a title, it’s a warning: This cost-effective collection of sound effects (2.23GB, 3.6 hours of sounds) is indeed pretty twisted. Think aliens with strange digestive habits, anime, horror flicks, and what creates the sonic backdrop when Something Really Terrible Happens to the Expendable Character. Most sounds seem heavily processed, lending an otherworldly quality even to organic sound sources.

CD1 is atmospheres — 24 long files (over a minute) and 27 medium files (a bit under a minute). CD2, Bizarre Noise, has a mix of long, medium, and short (one-shot) files, with nine additional “complex texture” files. CD3 has 314 files of “SFX” — generally short attention-getters, with some downright disturbing vocal FX.

CD4 has 35 loops that can repeat seamlessly, along with 10 textural pads, 64 “multimedia zone” files (many are recognizable sounds), and 32 “low end” files, which justify the cost of any subwoofers you’ve added lately.

The target audience is likely audio-for-video and games, but ambient, chill, and some trip-hop could easily embrace these textures. The only drawback is finding stuff fast; there’s a lot here (including some majestic, kinder moments).

Overall, this set delivers quality production and bang for the buck — just don’t say you weren’t warned about the “twisted” part.