Coyote R&D's Musi-Can PC Goes 64-Bit

New from Coyote R&D is the Musi-Can64, a 64-bit version of their 1U multimedia rackmount PC that offers faster speeds, more disk storage, and whisper quiet operation.

By stretching out the chassis just a few inches, the Musi-Can64 is able to fit an additional hard drive, reduce the fan noise, and bump up the CPU horsepower to match that found in its sibling, the Two-Can64. Every Musi-Can64 comes with Coyote R&D's exclusive, cross-platform NetMIDI drivers and remote control software -- 256 MIDI ports per machine over high-speed network for both Macs and PCs, plus high speed, low cpu utilization remote control software, eliminating the need for a separate monitor, mouse, and keyboard.


  • Rackmount: 1U high and 16 inches deep, containing a fully configured, high performance PC.
  • Speed: up to 3700+ CPU speeds at 64 bits - ready for Windows Vista.
  • Storage: Two drives, up to 500GB total internal storage.
  • Noise: Whisper quiet operation.

Software: Windows XP stripped down, tweaked, enhanced, and optimized for audio; Coyote R&Ds NetMIDI drivers - 256 ports of MIDI over network, fully cross-platform capable (Windows and Mac) with full auto-configuration; Remote Control Desktop - a fast, accurate, cross-platform remote control over network utility; Restore and Recover CD - an automatic, multi-level recovery CD that can restore the Musi-Can64 to the original factory specs without any loss of data.

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