Craig’s List – Five Misconceptions about DAWs

1 DAWs are responsible for the decline of music.
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1 DAWs are responsible for the decline of music.
Actually, this is true. I went into the studio and caught my DAW online in an Avid chat room, having a heated discussion with other DAWs about ways to destroy music as we know it. This is the real reason experts advise against connecting your music computer to the Internet. Beware. They have an agenda.

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2 DAWs have amazing editing options so that you can take garbage and turn it into really goodsounding garbage.
No, they have amazing editing options so you can make a truly excellent part even better. Great parts aren’t created— they’re recorded.

3 He who has the most plug-ins, wins!
Studies at McGill University have shown that the quality of music created on a DAW is inversely proportional to the number of installed plug-ins. Okay, I made that up, but you know I’m right. You’re better off being an expert who really knows a dozen plugs than a dilettante with 100.

4 Going into a forum for software you don’t like and telling everyone how much you think it sucks will win friends and influence people.
Good idea! Now, take it to the next level— saunter into a police station with an “Off the Pigs!” t-shirt.

5 DAWs are a religion, and demand proselytization of the unbelievers.
Don’t you get tired of people who are on a crusade because the DAW they use is so much better than the one you use? Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Blue Screen, Sad Mac, and DAW fanatics, I will fear no evil—because I am comforted that DAWs are for making music.