Craig’s List – Five Things We Learned from Winter NAMM 2012

The secret of the iPad’s music industry success.
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The secret of the iPad’s music industry success.
I was editing a video of an iPad app, and slowing it way down to find an edit point. Every seven minutes, the screen flashes: “You will use iPads for musical applications. Resistance is futile. Apple loves you!” just long enough for your subconscious mind to register the message. Really. That explains a lot, doesn’t it?

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Copper must be getting really, really expensive.
There was wireless everything—wireless speakers, wireless direct boxes, wireless cable replacements, even wireless thingies without wires, working wirelessly. So I guess we’ll soon start hearing audiences scream at the band, “I can’t hear you! You’re breaking up!”

But “wired” was really big, too.
The lines at the coffee stands were longer than the ones for artist signings so when you ran into salespeople who just went on and on getting into every detail and talkingreallyfast while shaking nervously and looking in 14 different directions at once . . . now you know why they were so wired. In today’s downsized world, caffeine is the New Coke.

Why people just love the drums and percussion hall.
In the immortal words of drummer (and EM contributor) Reek Havok, “I can never hear enough drums playing together at the same time!”

Signs of the end times.
MOTU’s Digital Performer 8 will be available for Windows, Waves is ditching the iLok dongle, and one of the most innovative products at the show was Behringer’s modular DJ mixing system. I guess the end times don’t look so bad after all!