Craig’s List – Five Totally Delusional Reasons for Switching DAWs

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Only your DAW has bugs. All other DAWs have no bugs whatsoever; they’re tested by a vast, highly skilled army of experienced users with access to every computer system ever marketed. What’s more, unlike your DAW, none of those other programs are released until after all the bugs have been completely identified and removed.

The company making your DAW ridicules your forum comments behind your back. When any other DAW manufacturer sees a feature request mentioned in their forums, they immediately assign their A-team programmers to implement it. A week later, those changes have been made, QCed, and are ready to download. But the makers of your DAW read your comments, laugh, then print out your post and use it as toilet paper.

Your DAW is cynically designed solely to extract money from you. Sure, you got free updates from Version 4 to Version 4.1, and then 4.2. And admittedly, the free update to 4.5 was pretty darn cool. So why didn’t they put the features in Version 5 in there, too? Clearly, they held back on those features for more than a year solely to make you fork over money for a paid update. Sucker!

The fabulous new feature in that other DAW will never, ever be in your DAW. It’s a fact of life: If a DAW includes a great new feature, all of the other companies look at it and say “Damn, we wish we’d thought of that! But now that it’s been done, there’s absolutely no point in us adding something similar, if not virtually identical or maybe even better, in our next revision.”

You’ve never created a hit song with your DAW. Sadly, your DAW is simply not up to the task of creating hit music. Better switch to another DAW as soon as possible! To add insult to injury, you just know every other DAW produces hit after hit for its users . . . even though they sometimes delude themselves into thinking they need to switch DAWs, too.