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Crate Ships Revamped V-Series Models

The new V-Series lineup includes single- and dual-channel models ranging in power from 5W (Class A) to 50W (Class AB).
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Crate is now shipping its V-Series family of all-tube guitar amplifiers. The new V-Series lineup includes single- and dual-channel models ranging in power from 5W (Class A) to 50W (Class AB), which according to the manufacturer, makes the series suitable for a wide range of performance applications.

The new models feature a power-switching power supply that provides a voltage switch on each amplifier's back panel and a significant reduction in the amplifier's overall weight (up to 20 percent less).

The smallest model in the lineup, the 5W V5 combo ($299.99), features a single EL84 tube in a Class A, single-ended configuration feeding a 10-inch speaker. Volume and Tone/Shape controls offer access to a range of clean to overdriven sounds.

The 18W V18-112 ($549.99) features a single-channel design with Gain and Master Volume controls, Treble/Mid/Bass controls, and a spring reverb voiced by a 12-inch speaker. The output stage boasts a pair of cathode-biased EL84 tubes with no negative feedback. Also available is a dual 12-inch speaker version, the V18-212 ($699.99).

The 33W, dual-channel V33-212 ($789.99) features channel switching between clean and overdrive sounds, a Presence switch, and a Boost function that operates on either channel. It has four cathode-biased EL84 tubes and two 12-inch speakers. This same topology is also offered in a separate head version, the V33H ($549.99), which is designed for use with the closed-back V212B ($449.99) cabinet.

Lastly, delivering 50W to its single 12-inch speaker, the V50-112 ($629.99) is a channel-switching combo based on a pair of 6L6 output tubes. It features clean and overdrive channels with a shared tone stack, global Boost and Presence controls, and a spring reverb.

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