Create tablature from a score(2)

Objective: You know the old joke — Question: How do you get a guitarist to shut up? Answer: Put sheet music in front of him.Background: Which maybe explains why tablature, which shows note fingerings on a symbolic guitar neck rather than standard notation, is popular with guitarists. Sonar 4 can generate tablature from MIDI data; here’s how.
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1. Select a MIDI track (click on its track number), then go View > Staff (Alt-7).

2. After the notation appears, click on the Layout icon (or type “L”).

3. In the Staff View Layout window, choose the clef (Bass or Treble), then check the “Display Tablature” box, and choose a preset. As this is a bass part, we’ll choose “Bass — Standard 4-String.” When you’ve entered all the values, click on “Close.”

4. Although tablature appears under the staff notation, the fingering may not work with real-world instruments and players. To fix this, first select (i.e., draw a marquee around) all the notes in the track to select them.

5. Click on the drop-down menu to the right of the Staff Layout icon, and select “Regenerate Tab.”

6. Choose “Fixed,” and specify the “Finger Span” (the total number of frets your fingers may need to stretch) as 4. “Lowest Fret” is 0 if you’re playing on the lower part of the neck. A small red outline appears around the section of the neck where the notes will be played. Click on “OK,” and the tab should be properly regenerated.