From the slapdash, sonically slipshod journal of yesteryear, Angling & Audio For Fishing Musicians (circa 1927) we pull this recently uncovered gem:
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In praising the brazen criminal it is noted that we, curiously enough, reserve our most aggressive contempt for the common sneak thief, the pilferer, the scamp and scalawag. Those whom in the exercise of their disreputable craft, manage to take what they do by guile and deceit. THESE are the scurvy dogs that we chase away from the table, whipping stick held high. Chasing. Ever chasing. And beating. Beating and chasing. But mostly just beating. Because they deserve nothing less. Unless we’re talking about beating.

And so it goes that while the world loves a winner what the world really loves is a winner who steals BIG. Pressing the philosophical premise that it’s not stealing if it’s done widely, soundly, publicly — ANDY WARHOL is a genius, HUEY P. LONG has an airport named after him, and Clifford Irving — well, you get the point. Hence, the EQ tribute to thievery in all of its various disguises: borrowing, appropriating, requisitioning, remixing, by any other name probably still smells as sweet, because the real point here is that the accretion of information that forms the body sonic of our world is for everybody to share and it’s only really stolen if there’s a gun and a lack of payment involved.

So from BT’s breakdown on what he stole and from whom to BARRY “LORD” CONLEY’S take on what he took and why, EQ’s felony medley raves up and out with JIMMY EAT WORLD, the WU-TANG’S CARLOS BESS, GOLDIE LOOKIN’ CHAINS et al. Bundle that with a FANTASTIC FIXERS: FABULOUS FIXERS programmer’s feature and a GEARHEAD that sees amps and monitors locked in a death struggle, the much-loved tale of The Three Fabulous Frequency Felons and gear, glorious, gear and you have yourself an August to remember.

Dig it.