Cross DJ for Android, now with MIDI control & Mixcloud integration

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MIDI Control

Connect your Android device to the U-Mix Control-Pro: all Cross DJ controls are mapped. Browse, scratch, sync tracks, add effects...everything works at a very low latency. Watch the video: The U-Mix Control Pro mapping is the first step in showing that MIDI control on Android is now possible. More controllers are to come, so stay tuned!

Mixcloud integration

Record your mix and export it to Mixcloud, directly from within the app. Cross DJ also exports the tracks names + timestamps and automatically publishes a smart tracklist. No extra-work to do, it’s all built in the app!

Bonus: SoundCloud integration

Record and export your mix to SoundCloud: Cross DJ writes tracks names as comments below the waveform.

Your SoundCloud account, in Cross DJ.

Log in to your SoundCloud account to have your sets, favorites, stream & tracks directly in Cross DJ.

Unlimited Music.

Explore, play and mix all SoundCloud tracks directly within Cross DJ. Get millions of tracks on your device - from your favorite producers to your closest friends.

Fast loading. Load the track and play it right away. It's almost as fast as locally-hosted tracks. And no need to wait the end of the analysis before kicking it!

Retrieve BPM, Key & Hot cues.

Once a track is analyzed, it's analyzed for good. Cross DJ remembers the track meta-data of the SoundCloud tracks you played previously. (Key analysis only on Mac/PC & iOS versions.)

Share your mix. Record your mix and share it directly on major DJ platforms. No re-processing needed, it's all built in Cross DJ. (Only for Mac/PC & iOS versions.)

No premium account needed. You don’t need to have a SoundCloud Pro plan to mix SoundCloud in Cross DJ. More about this SoundCloud integration:

Get it now

Pricing and availability Update is free for all current users.

Pricing and availability

The update is free for all current users. Give Cross DJ a try and download the Free version: Cross DJ Free for Mac:

Cross DJ Free for Windows:

Cross DJ Free for iPhone:

Cross DJ Free for iPad:

Cross DJ Free for Android: