Cubase SE3 Due in October

Steinberg Media Technologies unveiled the latest version of its Cubase SE entry-level music production software. Cubase SE3 offers music technologies tailored to musicians, producers, students and educators. Offered for Mac and PC, Cubase SE3 will be available in October 2005.

For beginners and newcomers to computer-based music production as well as students and educators, Cubase SE3 offers powerful yet easy-to-use features designed to support those taking their first steps in recording, editing and mixing music on a PC or Mac. The VST Connections window allows simple, quick connection to music hardware such as mixers, audio interfaces and monitors.

Cubase SE3 provides ample creative space for professional musicians and producers looking to expand their music-making environment. With its 48 audio and unlimited MIDI tracks and the included range of VST instruments, virtual effects and MIDI effects, Cubase SE3 offers a huge palette of creative potential. A 32-bit audio engine offers 24-bit/96kHz recording and playback, including full delay compensation.

Existing Cubase SE owners will find a range of new features and capabilities. These include a new user interface and audio engine, drag and drop for MIDI files, superior Hitpoint detection, a redesigned Track Inspector and much more. Cubase SE3 also introduces new capabilities that support an even faster, more efficient workflow, including new key commands and editing functions.

Not only is Cubase SE3 fully upgradeable to Steinberg's Cubase SX3 and Cubase SL3 applications, but all projects created in Cubase SE3 can be easily opened in either of those two professional music applications, regardless of computer platform. Cubase SE3 also hosts VST instruments and effects, allowing Cubase SE3 owners to add to the virtual recording studio through the addition of professional virtual instruments and effects, including Steinberg's VSTi range.

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