D16 Group Releases Toraverb 2 Space Modulated Reverb at a Discount

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Instrument and effect plug-in specialist D16 Group has released the completely redesigned Toraverb 2 Space Modulated Reverb plug-in for AAX, AU, and VST formats on Mac or Windows. Rather than base it off of any previous reverb unit or common types such as spring, room, hall, or plate, the Toraverb 2 programmers created a concept algorithm that they hope lets users create any type of reverb using accessible controls.

Toraverb 2 is a major update with many new features, such as reverb tail modulation, parametric EQ, built-in ducking, MIDI Learn, and a tag-based browser. It will be available at a discounted price of 49 euros from the D16 online shop until November 3, 2017, after which it rises to 69 euros.

D16 Group Toraverb 2 Space Modulated Reverb key features:
•High-quality diffusion network
•*New* Pre-delay with optional tempo sync
•*New* Reverb's tail modulation (with independent control for Early and Late reflections)
•*New* Controllable crosstalking spatial reflections
•*New* Parametric EQ for Early and Late reflections (with 3 different curves each)
•*New* Early and Late mixer (with stereo balance working in either L/R or M/S domains)
•*New* Built-in ducker 
•*New* Adjustable FX crossfade characteristics 
•*New* Tag based preset browser 
•*New* Two alternative GUI sizes 
•*New* MIDI-learn functionality throughout 
•64-bit internal processing

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