Dakingplus Debuts The New Digitally Controlled Eq And Stereo Compressor At AES 2006

DakingPlus, a new joint venture created by Geoff Daking and Dave Thibodeau that is focusing on new digitally controlled versions of classic analog processing modules, will launch its first products at the AES Convention. The initial offering will be the DakingPlus EQ500, the famous four-band "A Range" equalizer for which Daking is famous, and will be followed by the DakingPlus Stereo Compressor, which will offer higher performance than the current Daking FET II mono compressor by providing remote digital control of the analog circuitry.
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The DakingPlus EQ500, designed to fit various manufacturers' rack-mount module frames, utilizes the same four bands, and five fixed frequency select points as the famous Daking 52270 Mic-Pre/EQ and is built using the same Class A circuits. A single rotary encoder provides access to all parameter settings, leaving the faceplate uncluttered to provide easy-to-read EQ settings.

A single hard-wired relay bypass removes all active circuits in the audio path. Additionally, individual frequency bands are automatically bypassed when the respective gain is set at unity, similar to the individual 'out' switch of the Daking Mic-Pre/EQ. All EQ settings are retained in volatile memory when the module is powered down.

The new DakingPlus Stereo Compressor is the first in a line of innovative, digitally controlled analog products from the new venture. Based on the classic FET II analog compressor circuits, the new unit additionally features remote control and recallable user presets, all accessible via Ethernet.

The 2U rack unit features dual monochrome LCD displays with LED backlighting to display the current compressor settings in an easy-to-read graphic representation of rotary knobs and pointers. The selected parameters are displayed onscreen in text form also, for easy reading of the control's setting. The rotary encoder has a solid, sure feel and the virtual knobs respond quickly to user input. Metering is displayed on the LCD screens with six meters simultaneously showing the input, output and gain reduction of both channels.

The DakingPlus Stereo Compressor has the ability to store and retrieve presets with instant recall of the stored settings and includes a built-in web server. Two button presses display the IP address on screen and the user simply enters this address to be connected, using any browser on any computer on the network. Through the browser, users can display and change the current settings of the selected channel, download and upload the presets, and email or store the settings for future use.

The legacy Daking products remain unchanged. All of the new DakingPlus products comply with CE standards for Restriction on Hazardous Substances and Lead-Free Components (RoHS/Pb-Free).

This new "Plus" concept bridges the gap between the analog of yesterday and the analog of tomorrow by adding digital control to Class A analog signal processing circuits. Essentially, the concept gives engineers the option to combine modular pieces of DakingPlus analog gear into any configuration. DakingPlus Modules can be combined to configure a 96 in/24 out console or can function as a simple two-channel analog in/analog out processing package.

The new DakingPlus venture pairs Geoff Daking, well known for a range of analog modules and consoles that recall some of the industry's revered classics, with Dave Thibodeau, former vice president of technical operations for Pro Audio Design in Rockwell, Massachusetts, who has many years of experience with consoles, software and electronic control.

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