Dan McKinney and Dan's House Studio Launch Kickstarter Campaign

New Piano Sampling Project
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Dan McKinney & Dan's House Studio have launched a Kickstarter campaign to support a new piano sampling project. Studio engineer Dan McKinney wants to build a virtual instrument that carries as much real depth & soul as his 1954 Baldwin grand piano does. The aim is to create a digital instrument that sounds and feels like a real piano, in a real room.

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"I don't want a sonically airbrushed version of a piano - I want the instrument to be captured just as I experience it in my studio, with all its beautiful idiosyncrasies", says McKinney. "It's easy to find piano libraries that sound canned, or simply TOO clean. I want something that will capture the real feel of the 600 pounds of metal, wood, and felt that make up the piano."

One aspect to building the sample library will include the ability to dial in desired ambiance, from mixing the three stereo mic configurations to using convolution reverbs built from the piano's own open strings and soundboard. Generic piano instruments often tend to strip away the acoustic environment of the piano and the room the piano is in. Here, an effort will be made not only to include those elements, but provide ways to amplify them, if desired.

For Kickstarter contributors, the virtual piano will be initially released as a Sample Tank 2 instrument, followed by a version for Sample Tank 3, with Halion, Kontakt, and Mach5 3 versions to follow. As such, it'll be available in VTS, RTAS, AU and AAX plugin formats.

Once the initial Kickstarter project is completed, McKinney has plans to further develop the instrument and eventually release it with it's own dedicated software player.