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DASHsignature.com has released a number of important updates to its many VSTi products, including daAlfa2k, EVE, theAbstractGuitar, TubiLeSax, and EMM
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DASHsignature.com has released a number of important updates to itsmany VSTi products, including daAlfa2k, EVE, theAbstractGuitar,TubiLeSax, and EMM Knagalis.

TheAbstractGuitar version 1.38 is now available. Updates includethree new skins and two significant bug fixes: "internal Preset-Nameproblems that were messing with the preset Scales files; the SetPresets as Default now work properly."

EVE version 1.22 is now available. Added features include a new BankLoader, for easy bank access, as well as bug fixes as above. EVE usersshould also check out the Tips and New Sounds for EVE Users page on theKVR-VST site.


TubiLeSax is now up to version 1.88m. The update offers a skinableGUI (Editor) with new graphic designs (http://dashsignature.com/?content=products/tubiskins),and a number of bug fixes that include the proper showing of the Monomode switch and greater stability with Windows 98 and ME.

EMM Knagalis version 1.34 has similar bug fixes to the productsabove. In addition, Pro-Sounds.net has released a free bank of 128presets for EMM Knagalis. (http://www.Pro-Sounds.net)

Dash Signature and ProSounds have released a special daAlfa2k bundle($49.95), which includes daAlfa2k (with its 224 factory presets) andthe entire range of daAlfa2k sound sets from ProSounds. The result isimmediate access to over 850 sounds. The bundled presets arecategorized as Basses, Leads, Pads & Textures, SoundFX, andEssential Soundz. For more information about the ProSounds sound setsfor daAlfa2k, visit pro-sounds.net (http://www.pro-sounds.net).

To download the updates to the other products, login at http://login.dashsignature.com