Dave Smith Instruments Releases Poly Evolver

Dave Smith Instruments has released the Poly Evolver, a 4- voice synthesizer based on the Evolver that features analog oscillators, filters, and VCAs.

Dave Smith Instruments has released the Poly Evolver, a4- voice synthesizer based on the Evolver that features analogoscillators, filters, and VCAs. According to the manufacturer, eachvoice is essentially a complete Evolver, with four oscillators pervoice (two analog and two digital), a stereo signal path, and separateanalog lowpass filters for each channel. In addition, each voice hasits own independent effects (including feedback, delay, and distortion)and an independent 16x4 step sequencer.

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Besides the main mix output, each voice has dedicated stereo outputjacks. There is a stereo audio input that can be routed to any or allof the voices, enabling parallel audio processing of external stereo ormono signals. The output of one voice can be routed to the input ofanother for "double-processing" effects.

The Poly Evolver offers Program and Combo modes. In Program mode,all four voices play the same sound. In Combo mode, voices can beallocated however desired. For example, you can stack the four voicesfor a unison sound, split the keyboard in any configuration, or playone or all sequences at the same time. Each voice can also respond to adifferent MIDI channel.

Multiple Poly Evolvers can be daisy-chained to get more polyphony,and audio chaining capabilities are built in. The Poly Chain modehandles voice assignment overflow for easy expansion to 8, 12, or 16voices.

The Poly Evolver includes a stand-alone computer-based editor(Mac/PC). Specifications and sound samples can be found at DaveSmithInstruments.com. The EMreview of the Evolver can be found here. http://emusician.com/ar/emusic_dave_smith_evolver/index.htm