Dave Smith Instruments Ships Sequential Prophet-6 Analog Poly Synth

'Vintage-Modern' Six-Voice Analog Synthesizer Now Available
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Dave Smith Instruments today began shipping the Prophet-6, a 6-voice analog synthesizer featuring voltage-controlled oscillators, filters, and amplifiers. Branded with Dave Smith’s reacquired original company name, Sequential, the new instrument is targeted at musicians looking for vintage tone with the reliability of modern technology.

Said Smith: “The Prophet-6 brings my 40-plus years of designing synthesizers full circle. We wanted to pay tribute to Sequential’s most famous instrument, the Prophet-5, by building a truly awesome-sounding analog synth with discrete oscillators and filters. I believe we succeeded.” The Prophet-6 takes the best qualities of the original Prophet-5 — true voltage-controlled oscillators, filters, and amplifiers — and adds enhancements that the original never had, such as stereo outputs, velocity and aftertouch sensitivity, dual digital effects, a high-pass filter, a polyphonic step sequencer, an arpeggiator, and of course, MIDI.

“We take a lot of pleasure in creating all of our instruments, but bringing the Prophet-6 to life was particularly satisfying,” said Smith. “I think we hit it out of the park with this one.” The Prophet-6 is available now with a MAP of $2799.

About Dave Smith Instruments
Launched in 2002, Dave Smith Instruments is helmed by legendary musical instrument designer and Grammy® award winner Dave Smith. Dave’s many accomplishments include the creation of the Prophet-5 — the world’s first fully programmable polyphonic synthesizer — and his legacy as the primary driving force behind MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).

Dave Smith Instruments’ products are used by an ever-growing roster of well-known musicians and are available from music retailers worldwide. Instruments include the Evolver, Mopho, Tetra, Prophet ʼ08, Prophet 12, and Pro 2 synthesizers, and the Tempest analog drum machine. Dave Smith Instruments is based in San Francisco, where the instruments are also manufactured. For more information, visit www.davesmithinstruments.com.