db audioware's Enhanced Quantum FX Effects Library Goes Live

db audioware is pleased to announce that the enhanced Quantum FX Effects Library is now online.

The library allows Quantum FX users to share the effects they create with other QFX users. It provides immediate access to dozens of additional free plug-ins from db audioware and other developers, with more to come as new effects are submitted.

"The old library was quite basic, so when we repackaged the effects to work with QFX v2, we decided to redesign it to be completely interactive." Dave Brown, founder and Director of db audioware, is enthusiastic about the facility: "Sound designers can now submit their new effects directly, while other members of the QFX community can give instant feedback in the form of votes and comments."

Major improvements incorporated in the new Quantum FX Effects Library include:

  • Fully automated database means effects are available for download as soon as they are submitted
  • Effect authors can add mp3 demos of their effects in action
  • Users can post feedback comments as well as vote
  • Library effects are compatible with Quantum FX version 2
  • Library effects will operate on Mac or PC regardless of which platform they were developed on
  • The Quantum FX Effects Library is a free service for registered QFX users.

For more information, visit their web site at www.db-audioware.com.