Deckard's Voice is a CS-80 inspired semi-modular monophonic Eurorack synth

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The Japanese firm Black Corporation revived the CS-80 dreams of many of us with their  Deckard’s Dream tribute to the legendary Yamaha polysynth. Now they have announced Deckard’s Voice, a Eurorack format monophonic semi-modular synth based on an analog voice of Deckard’s Dream. 

Deckard's Voice utilizes a VCO with a range from 1′ to 32′ and offers numerous waveforms: square, “glitched” saw, sine, noise, FM and PWM. It also has a 12 dB LP & HP filter (also found in Deckard’s Dream), plus a filter input where you can route other oscillator sources into the module.

For more information visit the Black Corporation website.