Denon DJ MCX8000

Any way you want it, that’s the way you DJ it
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There have been two recent trends in mega-digital DJ systems—controllers with built-in dual-color displays that reflect a computer’s software, and standalone systems that don’t require a laptop. The Denon DJ MCX8000 addresses both needs at a price that trumps competitors in both spaces.

As a controller for the world-class Serato DJ software (included), the MCX8000 provides four decks of mixing, with 16 multicolor, multimode performance pads, full effects control, a comprehensive hardware feature set and two color displays for focusing the DJ away from the laptop. There are also four external inputs for line/ phono sources that are ready for an upgrade to Serato DVS control. Additionally, the MCX8000 has Denon’s own Engine 1.5 software built in, so you can DJ without a laptop from music on USB sticks with two decks of Engine running on the onboard displays. What’s more, the full-featured mixer’s four channels switch sources, so you can perform with Serato DJ, Engine, and external sources simultaneously on a road-worthy tank of a controller.