Desktop Composition


New desktop technologies give a vast number of resources to the electronic music composer. Whether you want to enlist a computer in the choice of notes and rhythms, or simply use a computer as a blank slate onto which you can preview musical ideas, there are an endless number of choices at your disposal.

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I've selected these articles to give you a glimpse into some of the options for composition on the desktop that are available today. The first article, which I wrote, explores several algorithmic composition programs on the Windows platform. The second article, by Hayden Porter, gives you a look at how to use the very popular Flash interface. Finally, sound designer Nick Peck provides a wealth of editing techniques.

Game of Chance
What's new in the world of algorithmic composition.
Nov 01, 2003, Electronic Musician, by Dennis Miller
Have you ever wished your computer could help you write a good tune or provide some unique chord changes for your latest effort? In this article, Dennis Miller describes the approaches taken by several algorithmic-composition programs on the PC and explores the various features of each.

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Composing Music for Macromedia Flash
Produce bandwidth-friendly Flash soundtracks using loop mixes.
May 01, 2002, Electronic Musician, by Hayden Porter
In this column, you will learn how to convert a MIDI loop mix into a Macromedia Flash-based loop mix.

Making the Cut
Editing tips and tricks for the beginner and the pro
Jun 01, 2004, Electronic Musician, By Nick Peck
In this article, Nick Peck examines a host of editing techniques that you can use to change and improve your music productions.