Dig My Rig: A Home Studio In Thailand

This is my home studio in Thailand.
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This is my home studio in Thailand. This particular room required a great deal of analysis prior to building: first, a clear understanding of the kind of audio production it would be used for, and then applying that to the build with an understanding of what was available here in the jungle. (Okay, it’s not quite the jungle, but it is only a three-hour drive to the Golden Triangle.) Studio uses include voiceover, mixing, and restoration.

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This room was problematic, square with a 9-foot ceiling. My first consideration was to keep the sound from going out. Then, of course, to keep the jungle sounds from coming in. Double walls were out of the question, as that would make the room too small. Acoustic panels were imported from China and placed floor to ceiling, covering the entire room. Six-plus inches of plywood, foam, and then plywood again finally covered the wall panels that were used to block the large window. A solid teak wood door was fitted and air-sealed with auto door-seal rubber. The ceiling was treated with acoustical tile and M-Sorb panels.

Many years ago, I bought an Ultimate Support studio stand. I bought more poles and supports and continued to build the thing until I had all my equipment floating and/or attached to the primary studio stand. It is extremely light and strong and über-fun to cut, plan, and shape. You can adjust, reposition, and build poles, supports, and securing sockets to any specification; only a hack saw and allen wrench are needed.

Gear includes: Avid Pro Tools 9 and various plug-ins, Mackie Blackbird, Neumann 103, Avant C-12, Røde NTA-2, Aphex 230 Master Voice, Aphex 207+109, Yamaha HMS50M/HMS80Ms, Mackie 10" sub, Auratone Mix Cubes, Mackie Big Knob studio control, TASCAM Pro 900 CD, and Mac with four 1TB drives.