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Dig My Rig, October 2012

Here is the business end of my home-based recordingstudio control room (top).
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Here is the business end of my home-based recording studio control room (top). Because of the existing wall construction and very odd planning laws in our area, I couldn’t make a nice big window between rooms, so I put flat screens in each room with cheap color security cameras above those screens. It works well; in fact I have found that people tend not to feel so much like they are in a “fish bowl,” and tend to relax and deliver better takes. Also shown is the live room (bottom), which was unfinished at the time the photo was taken. The white cloth behind the timber slats has been re-done with black cloth and looks so much better. The room was actually our doublecar garage and measures approximately 32 meters square. Plenty of room for what I need.

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Shane Hughes
Domenic Sound
Brisbane, Australia

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