Digidesign and Line 6 Announce Amp Farm 3.0 Guitar Amp-modeling Effects Plug-in

Digidesign and Line 6 are pleased to announce the version 3.0 update to Amp Farm, the industry-standard guitar amp-modeling effects plug-in. Amp Farm 3.0 provides a new level of realism and dramatically improved sonic power and flexibility thanks to all new cabinet models and newly included mic models.

A favorite of professional producers in nearly every area of audio production, Amp Farm has been used on literally thousands of Pro Tools® projects of all shapes and sizes, including platinum albums, mega-budget film soundtracks, and television productions. While still featuring all of the same great amplifier and cabinet models found in previous versions of Amp Farm, Amp Farm 3.0 adds a wide-variety of new cabinet models and allows users to select one of four microphone setups to use with the cabinet they choose.

Features include:
• Over a dozen faithful recreations of a world-class collection of guitar combos and heads
• Simple amp-style control and automation of all parameters
• Mix and match any amplifier and cabinet models for a wide variety of sounds
• Selectable microphone models capture classic cabinet miking techniques
• Process live guitar inputs or tweak pre-recorded tracks right up to the final mix
• Add tube warmth, dynamic distortion, or speaker cabinet life to any audio track
• Tonal flexibility beyond the limitations of traditional amp designs
• Supports up to 192 kHz sample rates with Pro Tools|HD® Accel
• Compatible with Pro Tools 6.7 software on Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools|HD Accel systems
• Supports the Digidesign® VENUE live sound environment
• iLok-protected for portability

Amp Farm 3.0 allows users to plug any guitar directly into a Pro Tools|HD, HD Accel, or VENUE live sound system and instantly hear it running through their choice of spot-on simulations of world-class guitar amplifiers and miked cabinets—all without the hassle of dragging around physical amps, cabinets, and microphones, or paying for cartage.

Amp Farm 3.0 works on live input tracks as well as pre-recorded Pro Tools tracks. This allows mixers to make adjustments to the plug-in’s parameters to right up until the final mix, providing incredible flexibility and creative freedom when mixing. In addition to guitar recording, creative producers and sound designers have also used Amp Farm to process non-guitar sources, punching up—or munching up—the sound of drums, keyboards, vocals, sound design sources and practically any audio that can benefit from tube warmth, distortion, or speaker cabinet life.

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