Digidesign Announces MassivePack 7 Plug-in Bundles

MassivePack 7 and MassivePack 7 Pro bundles offer mixing and sound processing plug-ins for Pro Tools | HD.
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Digidesign has released MassivePack 7 (Mac/Win XP; $1,295) and MassivePack Pro 7 (Mac/Win XP; $3,495), the company's new mixing and sound processing plug-in bundles for Pro Tools | HD.

These bundles allow registered Pro Tools | HD owners to combine, in one package, eight plug-ins from the likes of Eventide, TC Electronic, Abbey Road, and Brainworx, with a choice of eight more plug-ins from Digidesign, such as Eleven, ReVibe, and Reel Tape Suite. Purchasing the plug-ins in a bundle provides a significant discount over purchasing all the plug-ins individually.

The upgraded MassivePack Pro 7 includes an HD Accel card (in PCI or PCIe format) and two extra plug-ins from TC Electronic. The plug-ins in both bundles are compatible with Digidesign Venue live sound systems.

Visit Digidesign's Web site to learn more about MassivePack 7 and Massive Pack Pro 7.