Digital Edition Legacy Collection Announced

Korg has introduced the Legacy Collection -- Digital Edition, a plug-in suite containing two virtual Korg digital synthesizers: The M1 and WAVESTATION 1.5, plus the MDE-X multi-effects found in Korg''s original Legacy Collection.

M1 Software Synthesizer

The sound engine of the M1 is available as an eight-part multitimbral virtual instrument, and has been updated with new features such as a resonant filter and dual Insert effects. In addition to offering the PCM, Program and Combination data of the M1 plus all of the data from the 19 optional PCM/Program cards, new drum sounds have been added for a total of over 2,700 presets.

WAVESTATION Version 1.5 Software Synthesizer

Korg's WAVESTATION, which was reintroduced as software in the original Legacy Collection, has been updated to Version 1.5. It now includes all of the PCM and Program data from the original WAVESTATION, WAVESTATION SR and all six of its popular optional cards, providing a versatile and expansive arsenal of 1,400 presets and sounds.

MDE-X Version 1.2 Multi-effect Plug-in

The MDE-X suite of effects from the original Legacy Collection has been updated to Version 1.2, adding RTAS support for use within ProTools systems. Featuring 19 types of effects and 128 presets, MDE-X's broad range reflects many years of technical expertise derived from Korg's effects processors, synthesizers (including the TRITON family) and digital recording studios.

All three elements of the KORG Legacy Collection -- Digital Edition (M1, WAVESTATION v.1.5 and MDE-X v.1.2) support RTAS, VST and Audio Units plug-in formats. The M1 and WAVESTATION 1.5 can also operate as stand-alone instruments, and each provides up to 256 notes of polyphony (depending on the host computer's CPU power).

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