Digital Redux Electrotech

For loops, this collection includes construction kits, beats, percussion, arpeggios, and melodies in Acidized, REX2, and Stylus RMX formats; one-shots include drum kit sounds, basses, pad and synth, glitch blips, and FX. REX editing is good, but while most Acidized files stretch reasonably well, the more complex drum parts often need extra transient markers to stretch properly.
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The content covers a wide range within the electronic genre, and it’s easy to put together convincing tracks with very little effort. While the files didn’t make my jaw drop in awe, readers of these reviews know that I appreciate collections with large numbers of useful, somewhat neutral loops that don’t force you in a particular direction, and can slide effortlessly into a variety of projects. That’s exactly what you have here. In particular, the beat loops tend to be short (often 2 bars) with lots of variations, so you can put together rhythm tracks that keep the listener’s interest. The construction kits are mostly beats with a few melodic parts, so having the additional collections of loops and one-shots comes in handy—especially the arpeggios, melodies, and drum hits.

Overall, this is a coherent collection of grooves that lends itself well to editing and further processing. And at this price, you’re getting serious value as well.

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Format: DVD-ROM with 2.88GB of content (10 construction kits, about 600 files total, about 300 loops; most available as WAV/AIFF/Stylus RMX/REX2/Acidized WAV; 24-bit/44.1kHz audio)

List price: $40