Disc Makers gives away 50 free discs with every new order this summer

 Disc Makers, the leader in optical disc manufacturing for independent artists, filmmakers, and businesses, is pleased to announce its 2008 Summer Special -- 50 Free Discs Promotion. Every customer who orders at least 300 replicated CDs, DVDs or CD-ROMs will receive an additional 50 discs for no extra charge. The special applies to all replication orders of 300 or more discs placed between 7/1/08 and 8/29/08.

“Everyone loves a good deal, especially when the economy is so unstable “said Tony van Veen, President of Disc Makers. “That’s why we want to help our customers by offering 50 extra discs to sell, giveaway, or use for promotional purposes. If an artist sells these extra 50 discs for just ten bucks each, it’s an additional $500 in their pocket!”

Disc Makers’ ran a similar promotion a few years ago to celebrate its 60th anniversary. The response was overwhelmingly positive as independent musicians and filmmakers throughout the US took advantage of the free discs to sell or give away.

Disc Makers’ 50 Free Discs promotion can be combined with all other replication specials, including 300 posters for $99 or 24 T-Shirts for just $99, allowing all Disc Makers independent artists the tools to promote their work.

To learn more about Disc Makers’ duplication/replication services and its complete line of duplication hardware please visit www.discmakers.com.