Disc Makers Offers Customers FalconMedia Pro Recordable Media

Falcon Technologies International (FTI), the worldwide leading manufacturer of optical data storage discs for professional and archival applications, today announced that is has formed a partnership with Disc Makers to offer the full line of FalconMedia Pro optical recording media to Disc Makers’ customers. Disc Makers is offering FalconMedia Pro products directly to end-users through its catalogs and Website, and as an option for duplication services and on-disc printing. FTI recording media delivers unrivaled reliability and durability along with innovative features and advanced surface formulations for superior recording and printing performance.

“FTI and Disc Makers have built a strong business relationship on the foundation of our shared commitment to excellence,” said Mr. Adel Michael, co-founder and CEO of Falcon Technologies International (FTI). “As a complete replication service bureau, and the nation’s largest independent supplier of automated disc printers and duplication systems, Disc Makers is ideally positioned to play an important role in facilitating FTI’s initiative to become the primary supplier of recording media for professional applications in the U.S. market.”

“Falcon’s professional grade media solutions are known for unparalleled reliability and compatibility, “said Tony van Veen, President of Disc Makers. “We are excited to partner with Falcon and continue to offer our customers the best optical media available.”

FalconMedia Pro discs give Disc Makers’ customers a quality advantage. In addition to a variety of printable surface formulations, available features include Ultra Hard Coat scratch resistance technology, and gold reflective layer formulations offering up to 300 years of archival lifespan.

Print, Protect, Archive

FTI’s printable discs are the perfect solutions for professional disc duplication and printing applications. Available for inkjet and thermal disc printers, FalconMedia Pro printable discs combine crisp, clear surface printing capabilities with exceptional recording and playback performance. The discs feature print-to-hub surfaces that enable printing all the way to each disc’s hub for maximum visual impact.

FTI’s Ultra Hard Coat (UHC) anti-scratch protection is the most reliable solution to protect mission-critical data against potential disc surface contaminants and mishandling. Applied to the media’s polycarbonate layer during the manufacturing process, UHC technology dramatically increases the disc’s scratch resistance and also helps fend off other contaminants such as smudges from fingerprints. Because most spills and other contaminants cannot readily bind to the UHC surface, the disc easily wipes clean. Performance is not impacted, and the data is protected.

With its innovative formulations, FTI has achieved an archival lifespan of more than 300 years for FalconMedia Pro Full Gold EP recordable CD media, and more than 100 years for FalconMedia Pro Gold EP recordable DVD media. A 24k gold reflective layer provides maximum resistance to degradation caused by environmental factors such as corrosion, a major cause of failure in standard media. Both solutions have been subjected to accelerated aging conditions, confirming the discs’ archival life-spans.

Innovation and Leadership

FalconMedia Pro DVD, CD and Blu-ray Disc recording media solutions are designed to unyielding quality standards. To ensure absolute quality consistency, all FTI media is manufactured by highly skilled staff at a single state-of-the-art facility in the UAE. Only FTI recording media solutions provide Certified Swiss Quality (CSQ), validated by FTI’s certification by Swiss ISO organizations, widely considered among the world’s most stringent ISO bodies.

FTI is on the forefront of the most advanced optical recording technologies. The unique inorganic recording material formulation deployed for FTI’s recordable Blu-ray Discs helps achieve exceptional stability for longer archival and superior data protection. Partnered with a leading Japan-based Blu-ray technology provider, FTI gains access to advancements before others, giving its customers a valuable competitive advantage.