Discogs Announce Partnership with Crate Diggers

Crate Diggers Acquisition Solidifies Discogs as a Leader in the Vinyl Community
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Crate Diggers Acquisition Solidifies Discogs as a Leader in the Vinyl Community

Discogs, the world’s largest physical database, has recently announced the partnership with the premier vinyl-centric event in the world, Crate Diggers. The acquisition further solidifies Discogs as a leader in the vinyl community. By leveraging Crate Diggers footprint in the vinyl events space, Discogs seeks to bring their community from behind their screens to in the flesh in ten different cities across the globe in 2017.

“We’re often asked if we support record stores and selling offline. The answer has always been yes. Through our site vinylhub and now Crate Diggers we can continue to support the sales, and trading of albums live. All of us love to dig records, and we want Crate Diggers to be one of those events diggers can look forward to year after year.” - Discogs Chief Operating Officer, Chad Dahlstrom

Originally started three years ago in Portland, OR, Crate Diggers has quickly expanded to include Los Angeles and Miami. This year saw the first international Crate Diggers held in Berlin, DE. The event is always free, and the format is simple: Record Fair by day that gives way to a DJ After Party at night. Theo Parrish, Doc Martin, Dam Funk, Rick Wilhite, and more have graced the turntables bridging the gap between old school record collectors and new vinyl enthusiasts.

"The vinyl record resurgence shows people are tired of renting their music and are looking for a tangible way to connect with their music if nothing else. Crate Diggers gives music lovers the world over the opportunity to connect in that same way in person.” Discogs Director Of Marketing, Ronald Rich Jr.

“The Crate Diggers series provides the opportunity to bring together the music collecting community under one roof so that music lovers everywhere can converge and discuss and share their passion. With each passing Crate Diggers event, more and more people get the word and come down to show off their wares, and we are dedicated to bringing this experience to cities and users across the globe.” Discogs Community Manager, Liz Maddux

Discogs is the user-built database of music; with a catalog of more than 6,500,000 recordings and 4,000,000 artists, Discogs is the largest physical music database in the world. In addition, Discogs connects buyers and sellers across the globe. With more than 10 million items available and thousands of sellers, this is the premier spot for new releases to hard to find gems. Download the Discogs App for iOS (HERE) and Android (HERE). More on Discogs at crash-avenue.com/current-roster-2/discogs.