Discrete Drums Apple Loop Editions

Discrete Drums is proud to announce that all of its content is now available in stereo Apple Loop form. Series One Rock/Alternative, Series Two Rock/Pop, EarthBeat, Heavy Mental, Discrete Percussion and Turbulent Filth Monsters are all shipping on CD or DVD.

“This is a great way for Mac users to be introduced to our award winning line of products” says Discrete Drums president, Rick DiFonzo. “The Apple Loop format and the lower price point make this line a convenient and more affordable option for the new user, as well as more experienced DAW users.”

Prices are as follows:

  • Series One CD $79
  • Series Two DVD $129
  • EarthBeat DVD $99
  • Heavy Mental DVD $124
  • Discrete Percussion DVD $79
  • Turbulent Filth Monsters CD $49.99

For more information, visit www.discretedrums.com.